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McCourts Reach Another Impasse Over Ownership of Dodgers

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2010 | Firm News

Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached another impasse in their series of mediation efforts over who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. The couple purchased the Major League Baseball team six years ago and the lengthy disagreement over property division is the result of their divorce.

After having a week to agree to a settlement proposal, the judge overseeing the McCourt mediation process declared that the former couple had reached an impasse on Tuesday. The judge informed the Superior Court Judge that heard the McCourts’ postnuptial marital agreement case. The trial occurred in September and Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt are still waiting for the judge’s ruling. Jamie McCourt disputes the validity of the postnuptial agreement that would make Frank McCourt the sole owner of the Dodgers.

Frank McCourt’s attorney commented on the recent settlement impasse by saying Frank had accepted the proposed settlement and believed it was the right choice for his family, the Dodgers ball club and the Los Angeles community. Adding further, Frank McCourt’s attorney said they could only assume Jamie did not agree to the settlement and has decided to prolong the issue. Jamie McCourt’s attorney did not comment on whether Jamie agreed to the proposal and said if comments were made it would be a violation of confidentiality ordered by the court.

The McCourts’ divorce was finalized in October after 30 years of marriage. The judge who heard the case on the validity of the postnuptial marital agreement is expected to rule by the end of December. Jamie McCourt says she never would have signed away her share of the team as co-owner and wants the former couples’ assets divided as community property. Frank McCourt argues the postnuptial agreement was his wife’s idea to protect homes from business liabilities.

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