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One MLB divorce is over and finalized in secret

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2011 | Firm News

One high profile divorce that involved the property division of a Major League Baseball team has finally ended privately and therefore fairly quietly at least in comparison to another divorce involving the sale of another Major League Baseball team. Documents from a Superior Court in San Diego show that the Moores, former owners of the San Diego Padres, have reached a final settlement in the dissolution of their marriage.

John Moores and Becky Moores have managed to keep their divorce out of the public eye unlike another former Californian couple who reside a couple hours north, Frank and Jamie McCourt owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Moores were able to keep the property division details as well as other details out of the public eye because the former couple hired a private mediator, and they chose to abide by a confidentiality agreement. These efforts not only kept their individual details out of the news media, the efforts also kept financial details about the San Diego Padres out of the spotlight as well. In contrast, the avenue the McCourts have taken has exposed financial specifics about the Los Angeles Dodgers to the public.

Word of the Padres being involved in the former couples’ property division was gained when John Moores sold the San Diego Padres to a private group led by a former Padres player in 2009. The Padres were the former couples’ largest asset. The sale of the Padres is expected to take multiple years to complete. The Moores married in 1963 and filed for divorce in 2008. John Moores bought the Padres in 1994.

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