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Divorced families travel together for the kids

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2011 | Firm News

Not everyone can do it, be amicable with your ex-spouse. But, those that can and have children can reap further benefits from their good natured, post-divorce relationships; they can go on a family vacation together for the sake of the children. Obviously, not all divorced couples with children can go on vacation together or should go on vacation together, but for the parents that are able it creates plenty of good family memories without the worry of child custody and visitation issues. The name of this growing phenomenon is a divorce-cation.

Parents who do it say it is a great way to save money and develop family bonds. One 39-year-old father from Colorado has gone on multiple divorce-cations with his former spouse. The couple divorced in 2006 after being together for six years and having two daughters together. The former couple took their two daughters to Disney World in 2008 and thought the experience was positive. The father says it is nice to have another parent around to watch the kids, and it is enjoyable to have another adult around for conversation over dinner. The father adds the idea works very well if you get along with your ex.

Another example of a family that goes on divorce-cations is one who initially vacationed together in order to see all of the “firsts” of their newborn son. The former couple from Los Angeles divorced in 2004 soon after they had a child together. For them vacationing together was a way to not miss out on their infant son’s development. Now, both individuals are remarried and both families vacation together still. Even the father and step-father enjoy the time together as they bond over cooking.

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