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April 2011 Archives

Six scenarios that may warrant a prenuptial agreement, continued

Last time we spoke about how mentioning finances within a relationship is a difficult subject to broach. Even though everyone may not need a prenuptial agreement to divide property, the conversation can be a good jumping off point for a discussion about finances. In our last post we also mentioned how there are six general circumstances when a prenuptial agreement can prove useful. We said that in circumstances of divergent assets and divergent debt, a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial. In today's post we will discuss the other four general circumstances.

Six scenarios that may warrant a prenuptial agreement

For many people talking about their relationship and money can be difficult, but the importance of having a conversation about finances with your partner always remains. One tool in the relationship finance toolbox is the prenuptial agreement, which can dictate property division at the end of a marriage. While everyone may not need a legal document that outlines their finances, the discussion of whether a prenuptial is appropriate can be the start to a continuous conversation about finances.

Charlie Sheen fails to win full custody of twin sons

Two days ago Charlie Sheen and his former wife Brooke Mueller were in court for a child custody hearing. Charlie Sheen walked into court believing he had a chance to obtain full custody of his twin sons, Bob and Max, but as he exited the courthouse it was clear the custody of the boys had not changed. As a result Brooke Mueller remains the twin boys' primary custodian.

Father fights for return of 2-year-old daughter in Syria

Last week we wrote about a father whose 5-year-old daughter was returned to him after his former wife abducted the child and hid in Germany for ten months. Even though the young girl was taken by her mother, the child custody agreement for the girl was violated and the mother now faces a felony charge. Another father faces a similar scenario where his 2-year-old daughter has been taken by her mother to Syria in violation of the parents' child custody order.

Girl abducted by mother, taken to Germany, returned to father

The father of a 5-year-old girl who has been missing since June 2010 has been reunited with his daughter after months of searching. The young girl went missing when the girl was abducted by her mother and fled to Germany in violation of a child custody agreement. The 5-year-old was located in Germany by a joint investigation that involved international authorities and police officials from the United States.

Number of retired unmarried couples growing

The number of unmarried couples who are living together during retirement is growing. Over 7.5 million unmarried couples live together in the United States and many of those couples have already experienced divorce and the accompanying property division. While the desire to cohabitate while unmarried seems like a choice that will keep things simple, living together while unmarried can present financial planning complexities. The financial complexities can be even greater in retirement.

Navigating divorce and the mortgage post-divorce

Getting through a divorce and finding your own way in life is "a" if not "the" major obstacle of ending a marriage. With emotions running high sometimes it can be difficult to look at the financial aspects of divorce. One major financial aspect is property division and who will receive the house after the divorce.

Jermaine Jackson ordered to pay $80,000 in back child support

Jermaine Jackson says, "I'm not rich like my brother Michael was." Even though the singer and older brother of Michael Jackson says he is broke and did not make any money in 2008, a judge has ordered the former Jackson 5 member to pay $80,000 in child support to his ex-wife Alejandra. The couple was married for 15 years and had two sons together, Jaafar and Jermajesty Jackson.