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Mother adopts children she previously lost child custody to

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2011 | Firm News

One woman who legally lost the right to be the mother of her children is gaining the legal right to be her childrens’ mother again. Because of drug addiction the woman lost child custody to ten of her children and custody was given to the woman’s mother. After getting her life together, the mother is attempting to restore her parental rights after they were revoked by the state.

The woman’s story comes from Illinois but the story of the woman’s children may be similar to those in Texas who are adopted by relatives. Sometimes when a parent is not able to perform their duties, a relative like a grandparent may step in to care for the grandchildren and may sometimes become the legal parents of the children. That is the story of the woman who seeks to regain custody of her 10 children.

The mother lost child custody of her 10 children when drug addiction ripped her family apart. The woman’s mother stepped in to fill her role. Over the years the woman was able to find her grounding and found sobriety, but over the course of the woman’s journey her mother became older and eventually passed away in 2005. At that point the mother was granted guardianship but not the legal rights of a mother.

Commenting on her fight to regain herself and her kids the mother said it was her job to raise her kids not her mother’s and that realization helped her put her life back together.

Last week the mother regained parental rights over four of her children. Two of the woman’s daughters were happy and proud of their mother’s decision.

Before the adoption of the children is granted an investigation is conducted and the court appoints an attorney to represent the best interests of the child. The woman is waiting to hear about the decisions regarding her remaining children.

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