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Dad told to remove child custody blog site

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2011 | Firm News

Going through a divorce and deciding child custody is a stressful time period for many folks. Some people vent their emotions through exercise and others talk with friends. One father who was going through a divorce and child custody battle believed the creation of a blog would be the best avenue to alleviate his stress. A family court judge disagreed and ordered the man to take down his blog site.

Towards the end of 2007, the father started his blog dedicated to “the true account of a marriage, divorce, and subsequent (child) custody fight between a loving man, his terrorist ex-wife . . . and the husband’s new partner.” The father hoped by sharing his story of frustration it could provide catharsis to other mothers and fathers going through similar divorce and child custody pains.

To demonstrate his story the man used court transcripts from his own proceedings, actual e-mails and custody evaluations. The father attempted to keep identities on the blog anonymous by creating a “cast of characters.” His ex-wife was referred to on the blog as PEW, which means psycho ex-wife.

The father’s story and venting struck a chord with the public and soon after other divorced parents started to share their own frustrating child custody battles on the site. Though the father thought he protected the identities of his characters, the man’s ex-wife eventually saw the site.

Afterward, the father’s blog site was a topic at a child custody hearing and the judge ordered the father to take down the blog explaining the site was closer to “outright cruelty” than “venting.” The father is appealing the judge’s decision.

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