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September 2011 Archives

Texas child support enforcement system among most effective

Over the last year the state of Texas has helped parents collect almost $3 billion in back child support payments. The approach Texas takes in the collection of back child support is among the best in the country, and the success may be related to the Non-Custodial Parent Choices program.

More grandparents acting as foster parents to related children

A growing number of grandparents are making the decision to become foster parents of grandchildren removed from the birth parents by Child Protective Services. Grandparents' rights in Texas allow them to potentially become certified as foster parents for children related to them. Such laws allow grandparents to receive CPS support like monthly support payments, health services, and other need-based programs. Child protective workers are hailing the program as a way to take some of the burden off other, traditional foster care programs. These benefits are awarded until the child turns 18.

Child custody cases complicated by tough economy

Divorced parents in Texas and elsewhere in the country are finding it more difficult to follow child custody arrangements because of the tough economy. Divorced parents today who are offered a job in a new location have to weigh the choice against the obligations of their current child custody arrangement and possibly make a relocation request.

Child custody case of Jesse James moves to Texas

The state of Texas has the good fortune of being the new jurisdiction for Jesse James' child custody case. The reality television star has relocated to the Lone Star State with his 7-year-old daughter and any future child custody proceedings involving Jesse James' daughter will be heard in Texas. James had been living in Orange County, California.

Study says more women initiate late-life divorce

Many people believe that divorce happens earlier in a marriage rather than later in life. AARP recently sponsored a study to look at late-term divorce in order to see who initiated the decision, why the decision was initiated and what the children of older divorcing adults felt.

Husband's alleged Ponzi scheme complicates divorce's property division

A divorced couple's divorce settlement and property division have been complicated by allegations against the husband for running a Ponzi scheme. The fraud allegations were asserted against the former husband almost two years after he finalized a divorce with his former wife. It seemed that the former wife may have had to deal with her former husband's actions even after divorce, but a court ruled that the divorce decree allows the woman to live her life unimpeded by her husband's past acts.

Poor people jailed more often for not paying child support

When it comes to missing child support payments, poor people are often times simply put into jail. They are not represented by legal counsel because they cannot afford it. In recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling involving cases where a non-custodial parent is accused of not paying their child support, justices said that individuals are not entitled to have a lawyer provided for them under the U.S. Constitution.

Divorced woman may recover funds tied to former husband's Ponzi scheme

Ever wonder whether you will have access to funds derived from your former spouse's Ponzi scheme? One woman from New York did, but the woman's divorce occurred before the husband's federal fraud investigation began. Clearly whether money derived from a Ponzi scheme could be divided during property division is not a common concern among divorcing couples in Texas or elsewhere. But, recent economic times may make it more common than it has been before.

Frank and Jamie McCourt reach new spousal support deal

Yesterday, Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt agreed to a new spousal support arrangement. Frank McCourt will continue to pay the same amount of monthly spousal support, but funds used to pay for the mortgages of six homes will now come from an escrow account. Despite the agreement on spousal support, the former couple has failed to agree upon the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers; a matter that will be addressed in future court dates.

Co-parenting and focusing on the child after divorce - Part 2

During our last post we began to talk about what parents can do to minimize conflict after divorce. According to a recent study, the amount of conflict between divorced parents is one of the best predictors of how children will fare after their parents' divorce. We began last time by talking about how parents can create a plan together and by treating each other as business partners in the success of their children.

Number of domestic violence victims on the rise in Texas

This summer, family crisis centers in Texas have seen a dramatic increase in the number of domestic violence victims seeking shelter and assistance. While it is not entirely clear what has caused the rise in domestic violence victims this summer, a combination of factors including the unemployment rate, the tough economy and the weather likely have contributed to the increase.

Co-parenting and focusing on the child after divorce - Part 1

Individuals get divorced for a number of reasons but the general theme is that two individuals who once thought they were compatible no longer are a good match. When parents divorce the choice affects more than the divorcing individuals and many parents worry how their children will fare after divorce. According to one study, the intensity of conflict between parents is one of the best predictors of how children will do after their parents' divorce.

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva reach child custody settlement

Last time we talked about a child support ruling involving Jon Cryer and his former wife Sarah Trigger Cryer. Additional child custody legal news has come out of California this week as Mel Gibson and his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have reached a child custody settlement involving their 2-year-old daughter Lucia. The settlement decision was made by a family law judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday.

Late life divorce, forcing woman out of her home

A late life divorce is forcing an elderly woman out of her home. The woman worked over the last 30 years to pay off the home's mortgage while her husband was in jail. On release from jail the woman's husband filed for a divorce and now the woman may be forced out of the home she and her husband bought together and she paid for.

Jon Cryer has child custody but continues to pay child support

Like non-celebrities, Hollywood actors and actresses have to deal with the up's and down's of family law and divorce. One such instance is a child support ruling involving actor Jon Cryer of "Two and a Half Men" fame and his former wife Sarah Trigger Cryer. A California appeals court recently ruled that even though Jon Cryer has child custody of the former couple's son, Cryer must continue to pay $8,000 in child support per month to his ex-wife.