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Late life divorce, forcing woman out of her home

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2011 | Firm News

A late life divorce is forcing an elderly woman out of her home. The woman worked over the last 30 years to pay off the home’s mortgage while her husband was in jail. On release from jail the woman’s husband filed for a divorce and now the woman may be forced out of the home she and her husband bought together and she paid for.

The 72-year-old woman had to be out of her long time home by midnight Thursday, so that her 82-year-old husband could prepare the house for sale. The woman has lived in the house since 1981 when she and her husband bought the home together. Now she is calling a hotel her temporary home as she figures out her next move. Fortunately her other long-time companion, Andy her dog, is staying with her at the hotel.

In 1981, the woman and her husband bought the home located in Florida. At some point her husband was convicted and sentenced for grand theft, burglary and other crimes. While he served his sentence, the woman took on the responsibility of mortgage payments and eventually paid the home off. On his release from prison in 2009, the husband filed for divorce. The experience has been “a real nightmare” says the elderly woman.

Despite actions to the contrary, the husband says that he is “not trying to kick her out of the house.” Even though the woman paid off the mortgage, the husband’s name is on the deed of the house and a court ruled that can he take over the house on September 1 in order to prepare it for sale.

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