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October 2011 Archives

Woman sued for child support after she returns adopted son to Russia

Many people in Texas choose to adopt children every year. But when the relationship between an adoptive parent and child gets tough, the parent cannot simply return the child as if he or she was a pet from an animal shelter. One parent who adopted a child from Russia attempted to return her adopted child by placing the child on a return flight with a note attached to his lapel. The woman is now being sued for child support.

Michael Lohan arrested for domestic violence

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father, Michael Lohan, was back in police custody today after being arrested earlier in the week for domestic violence. Lohan was in police custody only hours after being released from jail. According to police, Michael Lohan disobeyed court orders by making a harassing phone call to his girlfriend, Kate Major.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fights for child custody of grandchild

Duane Dog Chapman also known by his reality television name Dog the Bounty Hunter is no stranger to tough situations. Recently, Dog the Bounty Hunter's grandson has been at the center of an alleged abuse case and Dog gained temporary child custody of his grandson in order to get him out of a potentially dangerous household.

Father bikes to advocate for fathers' rights

When you become a father your first thoughts are probably not focused on your legal rights as a father. Sometimes relationships do not progress as once believed and fathers in Texas and outside of Texas are forced to think about fathers' rights. In some circumstances, fathers are forced to think about their rights as fathers in foreign jurisdictions outside of the United States. One American father who lives in Japan has ridden his bike 1,500 kilometers to raise awareness about fathers' rights and child custody.

Recent divorce patterns follow ebb and flow of economy

A new study shows that recent divorce rates have followed the ebb and flow of the economy over the last few years. As the Great Recession hit the divorce rate across the country declined and as slow progress has been made in the economic recovery the rate of divorce similarly has climbed. Family law attorneys also say the economic climate has contributed to making the divorce process more complicated than in years past.

McCourts reach settlement over division of property

Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt have been in opposition over their divorce settlement for quite some time. The central issue in their divorce settlement disagreement has been the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The prolonged property division dispute may soon come to a conclusion because it appears that the McCourts have reached a tentative divorce settlement deal that would give Jamie McCourt $130 million but would not give her any claim of ownership over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Grandparents fight for the care of boys whose mom went missing

Two boys whose mother is missing have been in the care of their grandparents. Now the parents of the missing mother are trying to assert their grandparents' rights as they attempt to retain care over their grandsons. The father of the two boys is the subject of a child pornography and voyeurism investigation, and the boys were taken out of the father's care when the father was arrested.

Foreign courts rule on child custody in Texas mother's favor, father challenges

We have written about international child custody disputes before and many of the posts have addressed international child custody disputes involving members of the U.S. military and parental child abductions. One Texas mother who lives in San Antonio has been battling a child custody dispute with her child's father who has dual citizenship in Mexico and France. Both parents are civilians and the case involves parental child abduction.

Property division gets harder during uncertain economic times - Part 3

Last time we wrote about how it is a tough time for some in Texas to go through divorce and property division because of the weak economy. Over the last two posts we wrote about how houses have become liabilities instead of assets for some and we wrote about how divorcing couples can address the division of assets like retirement accounts. In this post we will write about how the current financial circumstances are changing the way some couples divide assets.

Property division gets harder during uncertain economic times - Part 2

During our last post we addressed how going through a divorce and property division during a turbulent economy is much tougher than going through the same process in a healthy one. Houses seem to no longer be as safe of a bet as they once were and many divorcing couples may be looking at their home as a liability in the current economic climate. Last time we spoke about how to financially prepare for divorce and this time we will talk about timing and retirement accounts.

Divorce sparks custody battle over pet dog

Family pets are often seen as furry, feathery or even scaly members of the family, and sometimes when a family goes through divorce the family pet can be at the center of a custody dispute. One family is going through a bitter divorce and the center of controversy is who gets to own the beloved Golden-doodle.

Property division gets harder during uncertain economic times - Part 1

Going through a divorce and property division is financially challenging enough in a normal economy, but during the uncertain economic times that current divorcing couples face the property division process is likely harder. Many couples over the last few years have lost value in their homes and instead of looking at their marital home as an asset some may be viewing their former home as a liability. Over this post and the next we will discuss some tips on how to tackle finances during divorce.