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Think those Facebook posts are harmless? Think again

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2012 | Firm News

When people file for divorce in Texas, it may not occur to them that their past Facebook posts can be used against them, or that such posts can be used against a spouse. But several instances across the nation show that it can and does happen.

While using Facebook as evidence can be more common in child custody cases than divorce cases, it can apply to all kinds of family law disputes.

One classic example is a man who created a fake Facebook account for his estranged wife. He apparently posted fake updates and posts, manipulated racy photos and generally attempted to misrepresent her. After it was discovered what he did, she was the one who was victorious in court.

In another instance, a man posted on Facebook about how he wanted to tape a picture of his child’s mother to his punching bag. When the example was used as evidence, she won primary custody of the child.

Perhaps more often than Facebook is used as evidence in divorce cases, it is what sets off the divorce in the first place. It is becoming more and more common for social media sites like Facebook to be a means for people to initiate communication that leads to affairs.

While it may not be incredibly common for Facebook to be brought up in a courtroom, it definitely happens more than it used to. And it might make one think twice about posting something that can follow them for the rest of their life.

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