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Financially troubled couple considers divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2012 | Firm News

Financial troubles are becoming more and more common because of the difficulties in finding employment in Texas. For those who are both unemployed and suffer from a disability or other costly medical condition, the situation can become untenable.

Such issues would be tough for any marriage to survive. One couple that has survived these exact issues through 21 years of marriage, however, is now considering divorce.

Was it the financial strain that got to the couple? The answer is yes, but not for the reasons that readers in Texas would automatically assume.

The husband has been receiving government benefits that are based upon the couple’s total income. However, though the wife has had her own medical problems, she recently landed a new job.

She barely makes more than minimum wage and has no benefits. She is thankful to have her job, even though the couple is currently living at poverty level.

Her income has affected their eligibility for government benefits that they relies on for their basic needs. This has led them to consider a divorce, so that the husband may become eligible for government benefits again. Though this couple would personally rather stay married than get divorce, they appear to have come to the conclusion that getting a legal divorce makes the most financial sense.

Divorce, like marriage, results in complex legal and financial changes for individuals and couples. The decision should be treated carefully and thoughtfully, especially in the present case where the couple seeks to take advantage of the government benefits system through the divorce. A competent family law attorney would likely advise them to consider the tax ramifications and whether or not it will actually be effective in achieving their goal.

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