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“Idol” champ Studdard plays cards right with prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2012 | Firm News

For better or for worse, we hear a lot about celebrity divorces in the news, both in the tabloids and from mainstream sources. We’re subjected to the fights over alimony, child support and who gets to keep the mansion, the cars and all of the other bling the couple once shared. Many times these stories aren’t classified as real news because they don’t seem to add any value to our own lives.

But sometimes we can actually learn something from a high-profile divorce. Case in point may be the recent divorce of Ruben Studdard, the winner of the second season of “American Idol.” The singer won’t be battling out a division of property in court because he played it smart by asking his fiancé to sign a prenuptial agreement before the couple married.

Studdard filed for divorce back in November, stating irreconcilable differences. By January the case was over and done, despite his now-ex-wife’s attempts to get a judge to nullify the prenup. She claimed he pressured her to sign the agreement just days before the wedding, unfairly taking her by surprise. But the judge didn’t buy her argument, and the prenup was upheld.

The final judgment had Studdard walking away with the couple’s home and all of his belongings, including pensions, royalties and all of his cash. His ex didn’t even get to keep her engagement ring. She also won’t be collecting any spousal support. She, will, however, be able to hold onto her wedding dress, a BMW that Studdard agreed to pay off, and a $10,000 property settlement. Studdard will also pay her attorney fees.

The lesson here is that if you really want to keep your assets and property in the event you and your spouse divorce, don’t let your current love for each other prevent you from filing a prenup. You may be able to learn something from Studdard, even if your net worth and celebrity aren’t quite on par with his.

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