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June 2012 Archives

Texas lags in child support payments, Census Bureau reports

A national survey by the U.S. Census Bureau offers some new statistics that may be of interest to single parents in Texas. The Survey of Income and Program Participation shows that many Texas parents are behind on their child support payments. Although that may come as no surpise to parents waiting for these payments, the report offers some specifics.

How are the kids handling your divorce? A few signs to look for

In addition to keeping their own mental health in check, divorcing couples with children must make sure their sons and daughters are coping with the transition. But depending on their ages, it can be hard to determine exactly how your kids feel about your divorce. Teenagers in particular can be impossible read under any circumstances, for example. No matter what their ages, sometimes it can be easier to gauge their feelings about your divorce by their actions.

Affording college tuition may be harder for families of divorce

Back when you and your spouse were expecting your first child, you may have shuddered at the projected cost of putting your little one through college. You probably couldn't have predicted that you would end up divorced years later, with tuition even higher than your original estimate. But that's the boat many Texas parents are finding themselves in these days. In addition to child support payments to worry about, divorced parents are struggling to afford putting their children through college.

Rising college tuition affects parents, children of divorce

Paying for college can be challenging for any family, but it can be particularly difficult for divorced parents who are financially strapped. With tuition skyrocketing across Texas and the nation, children of divorce are feeling the effects.

Equal child custody may be better for kids of divorce

Many Texas residents who grew up with divorced parents were raised mostly by their mothers, given that for decades it was a fairly standard agreement. Fathers were rarely awarded child custody; instead they were allowed to see their kids every other weekend, some holidays and perhaps one day during the week.

Texas offers services to help fathers be better dads

Families across Texas will be celebrating Father's Day this Sunday, perhaps with a barbecue, gifts or just a phone call, if dad lives out of state. For divorced dads especially, the occasion often serves as a reminder of the importance of having a good relationship with their children. But it doesn't always come naturally. A lack of experience or legal disputes over child support and paternity can put a lot of strain on fathers and prevent them from enjoying all the benefits of fatherhood.

Celebrity divorces good for publicity, but not for children

In our last post we discussed the negative influence Facebook and other social media websites can have on marriage. Although it's true that an increasing number of divorces list Facebook as the source of marital problems, social media can also play a negative role in the process of divorce itself.

How unfriending fathers after divorce hurts men

Divorce settlements do not include an equitable distribution of friendships. Friends and neighbors make their own choices about how to treat and socialize with couples who divorce. Members of a formerly married couple's social circle may try to avoid awkwardness by drawing one ex-spouse closer and abandoning the other.