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August 2012 Archives

Pet custody disputes often just as tough as child custody

A married couple and a man have been battling it out in court for two years over the custody of a 25-pound French bulldog named Stitch. The legal battle has been, in many ways, as complex as some child custody disputes. Unfortunately, the law usually does not adequately address the intense attachment that many animal lovers have to their pets.

Some calling for changes to Texas Grandparent Access law

Grandparents play a valuable role in the lives of millions of children across Texas. Whether they're occasional visitors or are actively raising their children's children, grandparents have much to offer to children as they grow into caring, responsible adults.

Celebrity marriages often scoff-worthy, but still contain lessons

Texas residents who follow entertainment news may be used to enjoying a good laugh over the revolving-door relationships of movie stars, singers and professional athletes. It can be hard to take a celebrity marriage seriously considering how many of them expire faster than the items in our refrigerator.

Arriving at a good child custody agreement takes work

A parent engaged in trying to work out a satisfactory joint custody arrangement concerning their children with their soon-to-be ex-spouse may find the task challenging. Working out the intricate arrangements necessary to create a good child custody solution takes effort and often requires that a parent take an honest look at their own behavior and motivation.

Is there a link between housing market and 'rich' divorces?

It has long been said that those most likely to divorce have lower income levels and less education. While that is still true, couples in a different income bracket appear to be seeing an uptick in divorces, and it might relate to the recession and the floundering housing market.

Texas deadline for child support protestors coming soon

A significant deadline for Texas men who suspect they are wrongly being forced to pay child support is coming up at the end of this month. Thanks to a law signed by Gov. Rick Perry last year, men are now allowed to challenge paternity claims to avoid paying child support for children who aren't biologically theirs. But the grace period for challenging older paternity cases ends Sept. 1.

Dividing property in divorce can be tricky, but not impossible

If your marriage is coming to an end, you probably have lots of questions about the logistics of your divorce. Are the possessions and assets you brought to the relationship yours to keep? What about gifts you and your spouse gave each other? What will you do with those rings you worked so hard to pay for? These are issues every splitting couple has to work out when they divorce. Fortunately, there's a structure in place to help you sort things out.

Domestic violence arrest prompts team to release Chad Johnson

Dolphins player Chad Johnson has had an eventful few days. First he was arrested for a domestic incident with his wife. On Sunday he was released by the team, presumably in a move related to his arrest. The Dolphins announced the termination of his contract on the team's website, but did not supply a reason for his release.

Jon & Kate plus child support has Gosselins feuding again

Fans of the reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" may miss watching the family on TV together, but for those who enjoyed witnessing the conflicts between the now-divorced couple, there's been no shortage of tabloid fodder.

Uneven religious holidays? Sports-fan father has own definition

When determining child custody plans, one of the most debated issues is often holidays. For many parents, Christmas, Easter, Hanukah and Thanksgiving are some of the most argued over. Holidays such as these are very important to families emotionally, religiously and even practically. They often are the only time when extended family gets together and traditions bring them close.

How will the IRS handle your divorce? That's partially up to you

Many divorced people can pinpoint the day they knew their marriage was over. Others might say it took years for the passion to wane. When it comes to taxes, the Internal Revenue Service relies on people to tell them when the marriage officially ended and the divorce papers were signed. Exactly how you report your divorce on your tax return can make a big difference down the road.

Texas ponders: Love lovelier 48 years later, 2nd time around?

There's a classic tune that dates back to the days before the Kennedy administration that says that, "Love is lovelier the second time around." Frank Sinatra had a hit with it back in the day. Dallas fans with a hint of seasoning will recall that the song highlights the beauty of being able to find love again, "with both feet on the ground."

What are some divorce rituals in other countries?

Ending a marriage is different for everyone. It can be a painful process, but some couples feel the need to mark the end of their union for the sake of closure. There are actually a lot of different rituals that happen around the world when people divorce, and we thought it might be fun to take a look at a few of them.