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Jon & Kate plus child support has Gosselins feuding again

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2012 | Firm News

Fans of the reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” may miss watching the family on TV together, but for those who enjoyed witnessing the conflicts between the now-divorced couple, there’s been no shortage of tabloid fodder.

Texas viewers who have been divorced themselves might even be able to identify with the couple’s struggles. Like many divorcing couples, Kate and Jon have exchanged insults and criticism via social media and argued over what’s best for their children. And the latest issue is an all-too-common one among couples in the Lone Star State and nationwide: payment of child support.

Jon Gosselin, who once made a handy profit from appearing on the reality show, says he is now struggling to pay his rent as a result of his hefty child support payments. Perhaps his struggle shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the number of children the two have. If you were to ask nearly any single father of eight how he manages to afford child support during a recession, he would probably tell you it isn’t easy.

Gosselin says he took the high road by quitting reality television, but that as a result, he owes almost $4,000 in back child support that he can’t afford to pay. He claims that since he started life over again after the couple’s 2009 divorce, he’s had a difficult time finding and keeping a good job because people recognize him from the show. He fears losing his house, which could threaten his child custody status. He could also be sent to prison. Meanwhile, he says, his ex-wife has plenty of money from her continued TV appearances and that she doesn’t need the extra support he owes.

The Gosselins may be celebrities, but they’re still wrapped up in a very common family law predicament: He owes child support and says he can’t afford it. Even if she doesn’t need it, she’s legally entitled to it. One way to handle this matter is through a child support modification, an option that’s worth looking into for any parent who’s gasping for air while trying to support his or her children — whether there’s one, two or a full house of eight.

Source: RadarOnline.com, “Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom, ‘I Can’t Afford To Pay My Rent!’” Aug. 1, 2012

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