Month: September 2012

Deion Sanders contests child support award

In a previous post, we discussed the ongoing divorce issues that have arisen during the divorce between Deion Sanders and his ex-wife.That post coincided with a child support award that a Texas court ordered back in May. According to the terms of the child support...

Wife seeks divorce after surviving murder attempt

When couples are faced with domestic violence, many times the most appropriate response is to consider divorce. This is because some forms of domestic violence, if not all, can be so destructive as to leave one or both parties with no way to reestablish the marriage...

Kidnapped child readjusting to life with his family

Miguel was an infant when he was allegedly kidnapped by his babysitter. This past March authorities found him in East Texas and eight years after his disappearance, he was reunited with his biological parents in Houston. For now, Miguel is in foster care. His parents...

Texas turns up the heat on deadbeat parents

The hunt for parents behind on their child support payments continues unabated, and this month the hammer fell on Travis County delinquents. Constables and agents from the Attorney General's office are fanning out in search of hundreds of non-custodial parents who...

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