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Wife seeks divorce after surviving murder attempt

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2012 | Firm News

When couples are faced with domestic violence, many times the most appropriate response is to consider divorce. This is because some forms of domestic violence, if not all, can be so destructive as to leave one or both parties with no way to reestablish the marriage on healthy terms.

This is most likely how one Texas woman feels after she was shot in her driveway. The bullet destroyed her left eye and then became lodged in her lung. She was in a coma for days after she was shot.

While recovering from the near-fatal blow, she was faced with the possible reality that the gunshot was not accidental. The unfortunate reality is that law enforcement authorities believe that her husband hired a hit man in order to kill her. The allegations are that he paid more than $100,000 to murder his wife so that he could pursue an extra-marital affair with his mistress of four years.

The fact that her estranged husband is accused of attempting to have her killed has left her facing the fact that her marriage has been irretrievably broken. As a result, now only one month after she was shot, she appeared in court to face her husband and tell the court that she is requesting a divorce.

Though her husband says he is committed to his marriage despite the admission of the adulterous affair, it appears that his wife feels otherwise. The couple has three children together so any divorce proceeding will have to encompass issues regarding child custody and child support, along with division of the marital property.

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