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Divorce troubles may impact work life

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2012 | Firm News

Many things can influence the ability of employees to concentrate at work and do their best. One major life event that may have a negative impact on an individual’s work is a divorce.

Some people point to the performance of San Francisco Giants player Pablo Sandoval, who batted three home runs during the first World Series Game. In contrast, when he was going through a stormy divorce two years ago, he was in a batting slump when his team arrived at the World Series.

It is difficult for someone going through an emotional experience to leave their troubles at home. People going through a divorce have a myriad of issues to sort through, ranging from where they are going to live to financial and child custody questions.

As a result, some employees may be distracted at work, work slower, or make mistakes that they otherwise would not make because they are distracted. Some may be tardy or absent more, or even suffer more injuries on the job as a result of inattention.

Some of the wisest employers are starting to see that this can result in lost productivity, and are trying to provide some support and assistance to employees they know are going through this experience. Some even provide counseling programs or educational programs to help deal with complex life decisions.

Co-workers and friends can also be invaluable in providing support and assistance, or at least understanding. Many of them have also gone through similar experiences, and know what the person getting divorced is going through. A little understanding and compassion goes a long way.

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