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January 2013 Archives

Alimony can be unmanageable for Texas residents

Different states have different laws concerning divorce that may carry over when moving to a new state. Permanent alimony is not a Texas divorce law, but it exists in many other states. The order to pay lifelong spousal support is a reality for many couples living in Texas who were married in another state before moving to a new home.

Does the 7-year itch really exist? Depends on whom you ask

Even if you've never seen the classic 1955 Marilyn Monroe film "The Seven Year Itch," you've probably heard of the theory behind it. The idea that married couples go through a period of waning interest in each other is nothing new, and it's one that many Texans can probably identify with.

Deion Sanders, ex-wife given unusual child custody order

It seems that Texas residents who have been following the divorce saga of Deion Sanders and his ex-wife, Pilar, haven't run out of fodder just yet. The court proceedings between the NFL star and his wife are set to continue at least until March, when a judge will make a final determination on the perpetually warring ex-couple's child custody arrangement.

Divorced fathers often face workplace discrimination

Fathers who are divorced but make an effort to be fully involved in their children's lives may face workplace discrimination. Many employers don't even seem to realize that they are doing something wrong in disrespecting fathers' rights. This problem comes up in Texas and across the country.

Dallas leaders react to rash of domestic violence incidents

Domestic violence remains a serious problem across the country, and unfortunately, north Texas has seen more than its share of cases recently. A recent rash of domestic violence incidents in the Dallas area has city leaders particularly concerned and searching for new ways to curb the problem.

Texas high court may wait for U.S. Supreme Court on gay divorce

Although the nation's courts are intended to address the legal needs of all citizens, even today, many cases end up in limbo. Sometimes decisions get hung up due to conflicting laws between states, or between state and federal laws. Same-sex marriage is one of these issues. Some states have legalized the union between two men or two women, while other states, such as Texas, have constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage.

Families battle over custody of Jovan Belcher's daughter

Divorcing parents have the unenviable task of deciding how to split the time they spend with their children. This can be heartbreaking no matter who ends up with primary child custody because it still means both parents will have less time to spend with their children. But there are other circumstances that result in tough battles over custody.

What's in a name? Not enough to make a marriage last, apparently

Texas residents who regularly troll the "news of the weird" section may remember the story of a couple who got married after discovering they had the same name. Kelly Hildebrandt, a man from Lubbock, met Kelly Hildebrandt, a woman from Coral Springs, Florida, after she contacted him on Facebook.

Missing boys found in Texas; father arrested on custody charge

As often as we discuss the benefits of finding common ground whenever possible, the fact is that many couples who go their separate ways will never completely agree on all of the court orders and other terms of their divorce. Splitting up a family can be very emotionally and financially trying, and it can take years to fully adjust. This is especially true when children are involved. Parents often disagree about how much time both should be allowed to spend with their kids, and child custody arrangements are hard on everyone at first. That said, it's important to follow the established order to avoid more serious problems.

Bethenny Frankel seeks child support in divorce

As we've discussed in past blog posts, divorce can wreak havoc on anyone's finances. Couples who go their separate ways must find a way to survive on their own, and for the lower-earning spouse, that can take some adjustment. This is especially true for parents who end up with primary child custody. They're usually forced to shoulder most of the costs of feeding, clothing and educating their children -- along with all the other household expenses -- on a reduced income.

Texas couple raising grandchildren relieved after benefits scare

Texas parents who receive financial assistance to cover the costs of raising their children tend to rely heavily on those funds, whether they come from the government or a former spouse in the form of child support. When those payments stop coming, it's natural for parents to panic and worry about how their expenses will be covered.

Wife of former Texas Ranger wants divorce but not prenup

It seems another marriage of a professional athlete is breaking down. The wife of Andruw Jones, an outfielder who formerly played for the Texas Rangers, has filed for divorce in the wake of an alleged domestic violence incident at the couple's home. She stated in the divorce complaint that the marriage was "irretrievably broken," though it doesn't include any mention of Jones' Christmas Day arrest on a battery charge.

Arrests made of Dallas parents behind on child support payments

A total of 51 parents were recently arrested in Dallas County. The main charge was failure to pay child support in violation of a court order. The arrests were made pursuant to arrest warrants and were staged by teams of officers starting as early as 6 a.m. Those arrested on these civil warrants can be jailed for up to six months.

Former Texas Rangers player charged with domestic violence

Of all the problems that a couple might endure in their marriage, domestic violence is clearly one of the most troubling -- both for the victim and the aggressor. After an incident of abuse, it can be very difficult for both spouses to know how to proceed. Incidents that result in a call to police can become public very quickly, especially if criminal charges are filed.