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Divorced fathers often face workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2013 | Firm News

Fathers who are divorced but make an effort to be fully involved in their children’s lives may face workplace discrimination. Many employers don’t even seem to realize that they are doing something wrong in disrespecting fathers’ rights. This problem comes up in Texas and across the country.

Many employers are much more supportive of the need that mothers have to occasionally take time off for activities and obligations involving their children. Many mothers are able to negotiate modified work schedules that enable them to pick up their children from school, or to take time off for children’s doctor appointments and school activities. Employers are much more reticent to be that flexible about work schedules when it is a father requesting an accommodation.

Additionally, discriminating against a father on such requests currently appears to be much more socially acceptable than denying such requests from a working mother. Many see fathers as much less essential to their children’s lives, despite the fact that many working fathers actually have either full or joint custody of their children.

Fathers also have more difficulty getting an employer to agree to let them bring children to the workplace when needed, such as when their school is closed. Mothers seem to be more readily granted that privilege.

Fathers, for some reason, are expected to put their jobs first and their role as a parent second. At the same time, no one is surprised when a working mother makes it plain that their role as a mother is their primary concern in life.

Even if your employer doesn’t see your value as a parent, you’re probably well aware of how important your time is to your children. No matter what your gender, making your children’s needs a priority is both admirable and necessary, and will pay off down the line — long after your relationship with your employer ends.

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