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March 2013 Archives

Facebook posts lead to criminal charges over child support

People use Facebook for all sorts of reasons. Oftentimes a primary use is to keep track of family and friends through updates and photos. As technology has made it easier to record videos and take photos, people are sometimes less than judicious about the sorts of things they put onto their own pages. On occasion, this can get people into trouble. We have heard stories about people whose claims for workers' compensation have been derailed after they posted photos of themselves engaging in activities like running marathons when they were not supposed to be able to walk, let alone run.

Divorces often creates a need for financial housekeeping

Many folks in Texas who get a divorce never would have thought they could end up in that position. Of course, nobody enters a marriage planning to get divorced, but even when things are going roughly, the dreaded D-word still carries a sense of gravitas -- and finality.

Same-sex spouses find divorcing tougher than getting married

In our last post, we discussed how it can be difficult for unmarried couples to split up assets -- and determine child custody issues -- because there is no marriage that legally needs to be ended. While same-sex marriage is not legal in Texas, there are many couples who have gotten married in other states where it is or was permitted; some of those couples have now split apart and want to get divorced.

When unmarried couples split, determining finances is tricky

People in Texas know that when they are going through a divorce, there are issues that must be considered. For many parents, the most important one is the fate of the children. While people may have the best interests of the children at heart, child custody issues can weigh heavily on both parents and children.

Arbitrator rules Deion Sanders' prenuptial agreement is valid

For many couples in Texas who are getting married, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that, should the couple ever divorce, that an agreement is in place that will cover potentially contentious issues such as property division. However, even though a prenup is in place, people will from time to time claim that they ought not to be bound by it for some reason. In most instances, it takes extraordinary circumstances for a prenuptial agreement to be thrown out.

Study says kids whose parents divorce smoke more

Parents who are divorcing need to have the welfare of their children at the forefront of their minds when going through a custody battle. While many parents are happy, or at least relieved, if they are awarded primary or joint custody, the impact that the process can have on children may not be fully realized until years later.

Grandparents raising kids finding support among their peers

For many grandparents in Texas who are raising children, they often came to the role more out of necessity than by choice. In many cases, older folks thought their child-rearing days were over when situations dictated that they once again act as parents to youngsters.

Man could be on hook for millions after prenup agreement nixed

For couples in Texas who are going through a divorce, one of the main points of contention may be property division. Especially for families with a high net worth, battles over assets may be paramount. In some situations, particularly in high-asset divorces, there may be a prenuptial agreement in force that might dictate many of the terms of the settlement.

Moore-Kutcher divorce proceedings inch toward resolution

Many people in Texas have followed the saga of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher as their unlikely marriage fascinated the country. Kutcher, a young up-and-coming star, seemed an unlikely husband for Moore, who was married for many years to action star Bruce Willis and was several years older than Kutcher -- and had children who weren't that much younger than him.

One county finds novel way to get back child support paid

Parents in Texas who are owed back child support often wish there was a quick and painless -- at least for them -- way to collect what they are owed. Unfortunately for many single-parent caregivers, those parents who are chronically late with child support payments often do their best to avoid paying, often taking evasive action to try to stay one step ahead of collection efforts.

Some campaigning for change to military alimony regulations

As we have discussed before on our divorce blog, when it comes to divorce in the military, a number of possible jurisdictions, long deployments and child care issues can complicate matters when it comes to child custody and visitation. Laws regarding alimony regarding spouses of former service members can be quite confusing as well -- and often, as some people would say, unfair.