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Grandparents raising kids finding support among their peers

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2013 | Firm News

For many grandparents in Texas who are raising children, they often came to the role more out of necessity than by choice. In many cases, older folks thought their child-rearing days were over when situations dictated that they once again act as parents to youngsters.

For one couple, the death of their daughter meant they had to step in to raise seven of their grandkids, who now range in age from 10 to 23. The grandparents had to figure out how to be parents in the digital age — having the kids tutor them on using their computer, for example.

These grandparents-as-parents have also found an unexpected support system: other grandparents serving the same role for their own grandkids. Churches and community centers host workshops for grandparents who have taken on parenting responsibility. The nontraditional parents can then swap stories and compare notes on their unique situations.

People have been thrust into this situation often have unique needs. Some may have never learned to drive, thinking they’d never have to; however, now there are soccer practices and dance lessons that require transportation. In some cases, older people who had been budgeting for retirement may find their finances are now strained by covering expenses for children.

Whatever the case, grandparents who are raising children often want to clarify their legal standing with the children — as legal guardians or even adoptive parents. There may be custody disputes with biological parents that need to be resolved. Such family law issues can be discussed with an experienced family law attorney in Texas.

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