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Alleged bigamist finds marriage to be too much of a good thing

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2013 | Firm News

Dallas residents who are going through a divorce will tell you that it’s not an easy process. People who have been with a partner for a long time often find it difficult to start anew on their own. This feeling can be amplified when a person’s former spouse has seemingly moved on and found a new love in hardly any time at all.

A recent case in North Texas shows that sometimes people can move on — and move so quickly that they don’t bother to get divorced before marrying again. A 38-year-old man told his wife that he felt that the couple’s marriage was over and that he had completed divorce paperwork online. However, the man’s wife didn’t take any action and never actually separated.

However, the man had already found a woman who would be his second wife. And he wasted no time in making it official: he married her within three hours of filing the divorce paperwork online. However, it was never completed, and the man and his first wife got a confirmation that the divorce petition was dismissed.

In that time, the man and his first wife — who have a son together — apparently reconciled. Ultimately, the man spent time during the week with wife number 1 and weekends with wife number 2. The man told his first wife he traveled for work on the weekends, while the second wife traveled during the work week.

This was clearly an arrangement that was doomed, and it fell apart when the wives spoke to each other on the phone. The man is now officially divorced from his first wife; he can’t be criminally prosecuted because the statute of limitations has expired.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “Grapevine man went to great lengths to cover up dual marriages,” Deanna Boyd, April 7, 2013