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Millionaire announces split from celebrity wife in newspapers

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Firm News

Getting a divorce can be a dramatic and emotional experience for any Texas couple. Making the decision to end a marriage is generally never easy, but there are certain circumstances under which couples realize there may be no other option. In many cases, the process of filing for and finalizing a Dallas divorce can be relatively straightforward. But in some situations, a couple’s wealth or celebrity status can end up further complicating things.

We often look at these couples and either see a bit of ourselves in their experiences or feel a bit lucky that our own situations are not nearly as tawdry or dramatic as theirs, and that they are not splashed across the headlines. Some celebrities try to avoid this exposure while others try to harness it and use it to their advantage. 

For example, people in Texas may have recently read that millionaire Charles Saatchi announced that he was filing for divorce from his celebrity chef wife, Nigella Lawson, in a new release. It was likely the first that Lawson had heard of the divorce proceedings, considering the fact that she is no longer speaking to her husband after an incriminating photo surfaced. The photo depicted Saatchi with his hands around Lawson’s neck. 

Lawson took the couple’s children and moved out of their marital home after the alleged choking incident and has not spoken to Saatchi since. Feeling like he had no other options for communicating with his wife, Saatchi informed his wife of the divorce through a media statement.

These types of stories can be juicy to read about, but at the center of these splits are serious issues that many couples across Texas face in their own lives. Allegations of domestic assault, challenges communicating with each other, custody of children and the emotional devastation that can come with the end of a marriage are all difficult situations with which people from any backgroung are confronted. Whether a couple is famous or not, they can certainly benefit from working with an attorney through these difficult times.

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