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Are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas headed for divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2013 | Firm News

Couples all across Texas know how difficult it can be to make a marriage work at some times. Over the years that a couple may be married, significant events happen and can change the way in which spouses can relate to each other and communicate. These changes can be especially difficult to deal with when details about each event are splashed across headlines and tabloids.

A high-profile marriage can be difficult to maintain for a lifetime. With public scrutiny, reputations on the line and the complications associated with fame and celebrity, it is not uncommon for famous couples to go through difficult times and contemplate ending the marriage by filing for divorce. Many people in Texas may have read that celebrity couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones may be going through this very same situation. 

Douglas and Zeta-Jones were married in 2000 and immediately made headlines. Not only were both of them wealthy, successful actors, but Douglas was 25 years older than his new bride. However, their marriage continued on and the pair had two children together.

On top of the stresses related to celebrity lifestyles and fame, however, Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been trying to cope with serious issues that any family could face. Douglas’ son from a previous marriage was sentenced to prison, and then it was announced that Douglas had been diagnosed with cancer and his wife was being treated for bipolar disorder.

Now it is being reported that the couple is taking some time apart from each other to reassess the condition and quality of their marriage. Like any other married couple, they likely will not jump into a rash decision, especially considering they have two children to stay focused on. Whether or not the two will reunite or decide to get divorced remains to be seen. 

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