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Has Mia Farrow been lying about who her son’s father really is?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2013 | Firm News

During and after a breakup, many Texas parents want nothing more than to protect their parental rights. Unfortunately, many fathers have a more difficult time enforcing these when their biological relationship to a child is called into question. This can be the case if there were concerns about infidelity at the time a child was conceived. 

In many cases, a man (and often the law) may automatically consider himself to be the father of a child born when he was married to or in a committed relationship with the mother. For months or even years, a man may believe he is the biological father of a child when he is not. This can create a very complicated situation in the event that the actual biological father comes into the picture and wants to enforce his rights as a father

One can’t help but wonder if Frank Sinatra would have found himself in this predicament 25 years ago when his ex Mia Farrow gave birth to a son.

For decades, Farrow has maintained that her son Ronan is the product of her relationship with Woody Allen. However, before Farrow and Allen were together, Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra for two years. Even after their divorce, the two remained close and maintained a physical relationship, which continued on during the early days of her relationship with Allen.

Texans may remember the contentious battle for custody of Ronan when Farrow and Allen split up, and the father-son relationship between Ronan and Allen ultimately disintegrated.

Until now, few people questioned the paternity of Ronan, as Farrow and Allen were committed to each other when he was born. But recently, Farrow spoke out and suggested that Sinatra, not Allen, could be Ronan’s biological father.

Whether Ronan is Allen or Sinatra’s biological son has not been confirmed through any DNA testing. But it certainly is interesting to consider if things might have been different for Ronan in Sinatra, not Allen, was proven to be the boy’s father early on in life.

Rather than consider the possibilities of what could have been different, Texas parents may want to consider what could happen in the future if they do not confirm paternity and assign fathers’ rights to the correct person. It can be very traumatic for a young child to not know who his or her father is or be misled into believing something untrue.

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