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November 2013 Archives

Child custody tips for the holiday season

Many Texas families struggle with balancing the demands of the season. Working out a schedule that accommodates the many parties, dinners and family gatherings can be a challenge, even for a family who all live under the same roof. Factor in the complication of a divorce and child custody arrangement, and the situation can quickly spiral out of control. The following tips are offered in the hopes that families can find a better way to share time with their loved ones during the holiday season.

Many in Texas will wait until after the holidays to divorce

The holiday season is upon us, and many in Texas are already on the verge of being overwhelmed with parties, shopping, decorating and working out a strategy for making the rounds of family gatherings. For those who are considering filing for divorce, the holidays can be even more stressful. It is a common practice for unhappy spouses to wait until after the holidays to move forward with a divorce, for a number of reasons.

Ready to divorce? There shouldn't be an app for that

Texas couples who are considering filing for divorce have a wide range of options available for processing the end of their marriage. Some will take the path of traditional litigation, while others will turn to more collaborative approaches such as mediation. Couples who are able to work together to reach the end of their marriage can often save a great deal of time, money and turmoil. However, even the most amicable divorce cases require a careful approach, and one that takes the unique needs of each couple into consideration.

3 ways to get through the holidays after a divorce

Next week, families across Texas will be gathering for Thanksgiving and will also start to make plans for other upcoming holidays and parties. It can certainly be very difficult for people who are in the middle of or still recovering from a divorce. For many people, it may be the first time in years that the holidays are not so happy.

Father embroiled in international child custody battle

Sharing custody of a child can be a very difficult and trying experience for divorced parents across Texas. But while it can be difficult enough to be just a town or state away from a child who is with his or her other parent, imagine being separated by an ocean or an entire continent.

Court considers: Can same-sex couples get divorced in Texas?

No matter how you feel about the politics of same-sex marriage, the fact is that the laws that govern these unions are changing rapidly and dramatically across the country. Many states are passing laws that prohibit same-sex marriage, while others make allowances for civil unions. And many states have adopted laws to make same-sex marriages legal and those couples are given the same rights as opposite-sex couples.