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January 2014 Archives

International custody issues with Japan get easier for US parents

Any couple who gets divorced in Texas can run into some serious legal concerns. How will the assets be divided? Should one spouse be awarded alimony? What will happen to our children? This last question is among the most difficult issues to tackle when it comes to a divorce; and the situation can be made even more challenging when one parent decides to take a child in defiance of court orders. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and families all over the country have had to deal with interstate or international child custody disputes.

Report: Couples start looking into divorce in January

If you are like many other people across Texas, you may be considering the possibility of filing for a divorce this month. In fact, so many couples look into divorce during January that it has been referred to as Divorce Month. Statistically, divorces do not peak until March, but reports suggest that January is the month in which people start exploring their options for filing for divorce. 

Mother fights for father to return children from Saudi Arabia

There may be many parents in Texas who are fearful that their child could be kidnapped. That is why we teach kids not to speak to strangers and why we may keep a closer eye on them if we see someone suspicious in the area. But in too many cases involving kidnapping, the person who ends up unlawfully taking a child away from a parent is no stranger at all.

Texas man faces criminal charge for spying on wife during divorce

Thinking about doing some sleuthing on a spouse during a heated divorce? You probably want to think again. With all the technical advances at our disposal, monitoring the behaviors, locations and conversations of others can be easier than ever; and many of the people tempted to do so are the very same ones who are involved in a contentious divorce.

Study: Divorce affects children much more than parents realize

Parents who are going through a divorce are often struggling with difficult emotions. There may be feelings of betrayal, anger, jealousy and sadness that any person can experience during and following a divorce. And while many parents may think they are the only ones who are feeling these things, a new study suggests that the children of divorced parents are also dealing with these very same emotions.