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Report: Couples start looking into divorce in January

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Firm News

If you are like many other people across Texas, you may be considering the possibility of filing for a divorce this month. In fact, so many couples look into divorce during January that it has been referred to as Divorce Month. Statistically, divorces do not peak until March, but reports suggest that January is the month in which people start exploring their options for filing for divorce. 

Making the decision to end a marriage is not something that people do overnight. Couples may be happy in a marriage for years before things start to change. Finances, infidelity, children, jobs and changing emotions can all affect a couple so significantly that a marriage is damaged beyond repair. Despite these challenges, spouses can still have difficulty when it comes to actually filing for divorce. That is why many of them start to explore their options in January and may not end up filing papers until March. 

But what makes January such a popular time to start looking into a divorce?

There are many reasons that divorce research spikes in January. To begin with, the New Year gives people a new perspective. It can encourage people to explore the possibilities ahead of them, rather than focus on the past. Spouses may have made resolutions on Jan. 1 to be happier this year, and that could mean getting out of a broken marriage. 

This is also the month that immediately follows what can be a hectic and emotional holiday season. People may want to avoid talking or thinking about divorce during a time when they are expected to be joyful. But when the holidays are over, stress levels and social events can die down and people have more time for introspection. 

Finally, it can be a financial decision to file for divorce in the beginning of the year. Year-end bonuses may have come in, tax filings from last year will not be affected for those who file jointly, and we are as far away from holiday spending as possible. This can all add up to make couples more financially prepared for a split in January.

But no matter what time of the year it is, divorce is not something that couples should take lightly. Instead of making crucial decisions on a whim, spouses can speak with an attorney to explore their options. 

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