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Two-week itch? Terrell Owens’ new bride wants a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2014 | Firm News

People who are familiar with sports, family law issues or reality TV are likely familiar with Terrell Owens. Once an NFL star, Owens has appeared on reality shows and in courtrooms in recent years as he has gone through some difficult times and financial challenges. These issues have reportedly affected much more than his professional career; they may have also contributed to the recent split with his wife of just two weeks.

Reports indicate the Owens married his 33-year-old wife, Rachel Snider, just over two weeks ago and the couple has already experienced some bumpy roads. In fact, the relationship has soured so much that she reportedly wants to get a divorce.

Snider says that she was “betrayed” by Owens, who she now believes only wanted to marry her for her financial stability and good credit. She claims that in the short time that they have been married, Owens has already gone out and secured a loan for an elaborate and expensive home in California, which she says he could not have done without marrying her.

Some people, including Snider, believe that Owens used her for her money and that was his only motivation to marry her. This can sometimes be a very real issue when it comes to couples who swoop into a marriage after a whirlwind affair and they haven’t taken the time to explore the financial implications of getting married. But this relationship did not just start two weeks ago. In fact, the couple had been together for five years before they made it official.

But money can become a contentious issue for any couple, no matter how long they have been together. In fact, a majority of Texas couples cite financial challenges as playing a role in the decision to divorce. Whether a couple has been together for 14 days or 14 years, it can be crucial for spouses to speak with an attorney in order to explore how a split could affect their financial stability. Protecting yourself from unfair financial penalties in any divorce can be crucial in securing your future. 

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