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Mother who abducted children arrested in France

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2014 | Firm News

Child custody cases can be difficult enough when they involve two parents who live in the same city. But when two parents live in different states or come from two different countries, there are a number of potential issues that can come up in terms of where a child will live and which parent will have custody. This can quickly turn into a bitter and contentious argument and some parents in Texas may end up taking the situation into their own hands. But this can only make matters worse.

For example, the mother of two boys was recently arrested for abducting her children and fleeing the United States with them. It is unclear where she initially took the boys, but she was ultimately arrested nearly two years later in France. She is now facing criminal charges.

According to reports, the woman lived in Slovakia until she met a man who lived in California. The two fell in love, got married and she was pregnant almost immediately. They lived together in California before the relationship ended bitterly and their son was born. She then met another man in California and the same chain of events occurred, with her divorcing the man after getting pregnant again with another son.

Both relationships ended badly, but the fathers and the woman agreed to continue co-parenting their sons. However, one day, the mother got on a plane to Slovakia with her children and never returned.

The fathers spent an enormous amount of time and resources trying to track her down, but the mother and sons had all but disappeared. After extensive social media campaigns, however, the men received information that ultimately led authorities to her and she was arrested.

Custody cases that span the country or the globe can be devastating. Parents may be prevented from even seeing or talking to their children and may not understand what resources are in place to help the track down a parent and have a child returned. However, parents in this position can speak with an attorney in order to assert and protect their parental rights.

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