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Rhonda Adkins files to divorce Trace Adkins

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Firm News

In Mid-January, country music singer Trace Adkins checked himself into a voluntary rehab program to address his issues with alcohol. The decision followed a scene that sources say the singer made while on a cruise. News broke this week that his wife is now seeking a divorce, although there is no indication that alcohol factored into the divorce proceedings.

Trace Adkins and his now estranged wife do not live in Texas, so Texas family law rules do not directly apply to the couple’s divorce. But, in some respects the story can be instructive for our Dallas readers. In her papers, Ms. Adkins is seeking primary residential custody of the couple’s three daughters. In addition to the primary custody request, she is seeking child support, alimony and other issues.

In Texas, child custody disputes may involve a wide variety of arguments. We may not all live the life of a celebrity, but many of the issues that could arise in a celebrity divorce may serve as a good analogy to the types of claims that may be involved in a custody dispute in Texas.

Lifestyle issues can play a role in custody disputes. Alcohol issues involving one parent could be a factor in resolving custody issues, as can successful completion of a treatment program. A celebrity may travel extensively. Similarly, a person with a high-paying and demanding job may need to travel, or work long hours. Questions about availability for the kids may need to be addressed.

Family law attorneys in Texas know that some custody disputes can be contentious. Working with legal counsel may help a parent fighting for custody to remain focused on the best interests of the child during a divorce with children.

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