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April 2014 Archives

Do divorce and social media mix?

When the social media craze first began, it may have seemed to be a way for teens and college kids to connect with each other. One of the larger outlets, Facebook, began on a campus. The early participants matured, and many may have kept connecting online. Other people joined in, and in many ways, the craze has allowed people of all ages to reconnect with friends.

Wife of Columbus Short files for divorce, gets restraining order

Columbus Short, who many in the Dallas, Texas, area may recognize from his role on the popular television series, “Scandal,” is heading to divorce court. His wife filed papers earlier this month on the West Coast. The two married in July 2005 and have a 2-year-old child together. Short’s wife is seeking full legal and physical custody of the girl.

US Supreme Court clarifies federal domestic violence gun ban

Domestic violence can be a troubling issue in any household. The issue of domestic violence can come up in several areas of court proceedings in Texas. Protective orders based upon allegations of family violence, for example, are civil court orders that a person may seek to prevent continuing violence. If a person is going through a divorce, the Texas Attorney General’s Office says that an application for a protective order must be filed where the family law case is pending. Family violence can also affect the divorce proceedings, especially if child custody is an issue in the divorce.

Planning budget and addressing finances important during divorce

On the surface, some people who have never gone through a divorce may believe that determining how property should be divided is a simple process of trading forks for spoons. But, the overall process may have a more complex structure, especially in a high-asset divorce. Many Dallas area companies may offer their workers deferred compensation programs, or access to perks that go beyond a 401(k) or other type of retirement program.