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Wife of Columbus Short files for divorce, gets restraining order

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Firm News

Columbus Short, who many in the Dallas, Texas, area may recognize from his role on the popular television series, “Scandal,” is heading to divorce court. His wife filed papers earlier this month on the West Coast. The two married in July 2005 and have a 2-year-old child together. Short’s wife is seeking full legal and physical custody of the girl.

Alongside the divorce papers is another set of legal documents that may impact the custody battle in the dissolution. Sources say that Tuere Tanee Short has obtained a temporary restraining order against the Scandal star. Sources say that the protective order arose out of allegations of a dispute between Short and his wife on April 7.

The protective order is temporary at this point. In the state where the Shorts reside a hearing will be held in May for further consideration of the allegations. At this point, the temporary restraining order requires Short to move out of the family home.

Each state has its own processes for how civil protective orders are handled. Protective orders in Texas may be sought when allegations of family violence has occurred. The issue of family violence can be problematic when a couple is divorcing and a child custody dispute is involved in the divorce proceeding.

Generally, Texas courts determine child custody and visitation issues under the best interests of the child standard. In any divorce involving children, emotions can be difficult to control. Texas courts often frown when a parent denigrates an estranged spouse during a child custody dispute.

When allegations of family violence arise, the issues can be more complex. Alongside the issues of family violence or bad-mouthing, courts in Texas do not look with favor upon false allegations that are intended to bolster an argument in a child custody dispute.

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