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Kids may feel pressures when Dallas area parents divorce

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Firm News

It is no secret that going through a divorce can be a draining experience. The breakup of the marriage can be associated with many emotions for a person seeking divorce. But, the issues involved in the settlement process are not necessarily confined to the two people who are separating. When a couple has children together, the divorce process may be felt by the kids, if parents are not cautious in how they handle the issues in front of the children.

Some kids may feel that the divorce is their fault. Parents should keep in mind that the children are children of each parent. Reassuring the kids that the divorce isn’t fault of the children is an important concept that many commentators suggest should occur on a frequent basis. Similarly, changes in the household structure are generally inevitable after a divorce. Before the process is finalized, it may be difficult for parents to understand that the divorce can have impact on the kids throughout the process, before the papers are finalized.

Making time for the kids during divorce and maintaining a routine can be comforting for children during the process. Not only does a regular schedule provide some stability for the kids during an emotional time, it can also help parents in remembering that the kids need to spend time with each parent in many divorce cases. A regular schedule that includes time for each parent to spend time with the kids should be adhered to in order to minimize the risk that parenting time is being denied out of anger during the divorce.

In Texas, child custody and support issues are considered in court under the lens of what is in the best interests of the child. These are essentially legal standards that help to inform the parties and the court about how to evaluate a dispute. Outside of the legal walls, a parent may keep in mind that the children may feel impact in the divorce process. Keeping the kids in mind may be beneficial in reducing stress for the kids.

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