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July 2014 Archives

Renowned hedge fund founder files for divorce

The founder of a well-known hedge fund firm recently filed for divorce from his 43-year-old wife, citing 'irreconcilable differences." The 45-year-old husband is a billionaire, according to authorities, and his high-asset divorce may serve as an interesting example for nigh-net-worth couples in Texas considering divorce.

Parents charged with avoiding child support

For Texas law enforcement professionals, social media has made aspects of the job much easier. Recently, non-custodial parents who have claimed to not have enough money to pay adequate child support have been found to be contradicting themselves on their Facebook pages. When caught, these parents often face charges for avoiding payments. Some officials have noted that Facebook helps officers determine who has resources and who does not.

What to do with a house in a divorce

Texas residents and those across the U.S. who are considering a divorce may find it necessary to divide their jointly owned home along with their other assets. This can be a complicated process if proper steps are not taken, as all factors and details need to be considered for the process to run smoothly.

Basketball player seeks sole custody

Texas basketball fans may be interested in a child custody case involving Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, who is seeking full custody of a child if she is proven to be his by a second paternity test. The child was born May 1 and has been cared for by her mother, who is unemployed but lives with family members who participate in the child's care. The mother initially filed for sole custody and cited George's travel schedule as a reason he should not have custody.

Judge makes decision on fee issue in McCourt divorce settlement

Dallas couples may be interested in the latest news in the divorce legal battle between a Los Angeles billionaire and his ex-wife. The man has now succeeded in his attempts to have his ex-wife pay his legal fees, unless she decides to contest the ruling.