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August 2014 Archives

What is a child conservatorship?

Texas labels child custody 'conservatorship" and calls parents 'conservators" instead of 'custodians." The terms describe parental responsibilities and rights. During a divorce, family court determines who will have conservatorship unless the parents reach an agreement about custody ahead of time. If the court makes a decision about conservatorship, they will look at what is in the best interests of the child.

"Gossip Girl" actress trying to keep her children in the U.S.

Texas "Gossip Girl" fans may have heard that Kelly Rutherford's two children were sent to live with the children's father and the actress's ex-husband on Aug. 13. However, this means that her children would be leaving the United States as her ex-husband was denied re-entry into the country.

Divorce finalized for movie stars Duchovny and Leoni

Texas residents who follow celebrity divorce may know that Tea Leoni and David Duchovny have ended their marriage. The star of 'Californication" and 'X-Files", his Golden Globe winning series, Duchovny, 54, filed for divorce in New York in June citing the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage according to court records.

Temporary restraining orders in Texas

Family members and spouses in Texas may be able to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse by learning more about the laws concerning temporary restraining orders in the state. According to Texas law, a spouse or court may grant a temporary restraining order without notice in the interest of preserving the property or for the protection of the petitioning party.