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The Jenners reach a divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2015 | Firm News

The buzz surrounding the Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce had many wondering how long the process would drag out. After separating in October 2013, the couple waited nearly a year before filing for divorce in California in September 2014. Avoiding the stereotypical lengthy and ugly divorce that many celebrities endure, the couple worked together to complete the process within three months.

It has been reported that Kris is retaining the home in Calabasas that was featured in their reality show, several cars, her bank accounts and all partnerships and business interests in her name. Bruce will retain ownership of any properties in his name, several cars, a Harley Davidson and half the value of any joint bank accounts. The couple mutually agreed to divide their personal possessions such as jewelry, home furnishings, appliances and artwork.

The Jenners had two children together, 18-year old Kendall and 17-year old Kylie. The couple agreed to joint custody of Kylie with no child support. Each parent will be responsible for her expenses while she is in their respective custody. Kris will pay for the remainder of Kylie’s private school tuition and will give Bruce $2.5 million.

Although a divorce can be a difficult time for all i involved, couples who are able and willing to compromise can avoid adding to the negative financial and emotional elements by working together with the assistance of their respective attorneys in an attempt to reach an amicable settlement. This will not only serve to reduce the time and expense of a contested divorce, it will allow the couple to make the determination as to the division of their community property without leaving it in the hands of a judge.

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