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Month: February 2015

When child support payments end

For many divorced Texas parents, child support payments, whether they are being made or received, are a simple fact of life. However, when child support comes to an end, it can impact parents' finances, especially if the parent has been receiving child support...

Unmarried fathers and paternity

When a child is born to unmarried parents in Texas, the father will not exercise his rights as a parent until and unless his paternity is established. As a noncustodial parent, the unmarried father must take this necessary step in order to seek and obtain visitation...

Keeping divorce costs in check

While some Texas couples are able to keep the costs of their divorces relatively low, others commit common errors that can result in substantial legal fees that they otherwise would not have incurred. In many cases, people whose fees balloon often do so primarily...

Tax tips for single parents

Texas parents in single-parent households may be able to save as much as $6,143 depending on the stipulations in their child custody agreements. Before filing, both parents will want to team up to make sure they're in agreement with each other on what can and cannot...