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May 2015 Archives

International parental child abductions

Unfortunately, some Texas parents who have gone through a divorce are affected by situations in which their child is wrongfully taken abroad by the other parent in order to evade child custody and access orders. Although this type of behavior is illegal, some parents still flaunt the court orders and take their children away.

How to protect property without a prenuptial agreement

For many Texas couples who go into a marriage with money or assets, prenuptial agreements are one way that they can make sure their own assets are protected in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement isn't the only way to keep assets protected if a divorce occurs. Instead, anyone who is getting married but can't get a prenuptial agreement signed can take steps to keep their money protected.

Shared parenting and child custody in Texas

For many years, the popular thinking in child custody and divorce cases was that children should live primarily with one parent, while visiting the other infrequently, such as every other weekend. The idea behind this was that a child would be stressed out by constantly going between two homes.