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June 2015 Archives

Shared parenting offers benefits

When Texas parents are going through a divorce, child custody is often a concern. In the past, it was often the case that one parent would end up being awarded primary physical custody of the children, with the other parent having limited time with the kids on weekends and certain holidays. Most often, it was the mother that was awarded custody. Unfortunately, these agreements sometimes left noncustodial parents and children feeling like strangers to each other.

Polygamist sect leader grants child custody to wife

Some Texas residents may have heard of Warren and Lyle Jeffs, two brothers who head a radical sect of the Mormon church. While Warren Jeffs is considered the leader, he is currently in prison, and his brother Lyle is in the process of going through a divorce from his first wife. Because the sect encourages polygamy, it is believed that she is one of several wives. In April, a judge granted her primary custody after hearings in which she said she feared her children would be taken away from her.

Understanding divorce finances

Many people in Texas forget to think carefully about their future financial well-being while they are planning to end their marriage. Although divorces can be very emotional, it is vital for spouses to consider how their marital assets will end up being divided during the process. If people decide they simply don't want to think about these and other financial matters, they could end up paying for the oversight for years to come.

Jon Gosselin wants primary custody of only 1 of his 8 children

Jon Gosselin, the divorced father of eight children that appear in his ex-wife's TLC reality show "Kate Plus 8," has expressed an intention to ask for primary custody of only his 11-year-old daughter. This high-profile celebrity custody case illuminates issues of interest to Texas residents grappling with child custody issues.