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Research shows women pursue divorce far more frequently than men

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2015 | Firm News

It can be beneficial for Texas couples who are married or are cohabitating to understand the statistics of divorce and the end of unmarried relationships. Research is constantly delving into the statistics of marriages, relationships and how they conclude. A study presented to the American Sociological Association has found that females in heterosexual marriages more frequently ask for a divorce than men. If, however, the relationship is one in which the couple is unmarried and living together, the statistics are closer to even.

In the study, more than 2,260 adults who were in an opposite-sex relationship were asked about their relationships. In 69 percent of the divorces, it was found that it was the woman who pursued it. When the couple was living together without being married, however, it was equally likely that one or the other would end the relationship.

Prior to this study, the assumption among researchers was that women had a greater sensitivity to the highs and lows of a relationship. Therefore, they would be the first to end it. However, the study has indicated that there might be other factors in play. There is the possibility that some married women are still adhering to gender roles from the past. This is in opposition to how equality is increasing at work and in society in general. A live-in relationship does not generally have some of the common issues that arise in a marital breakup.

Regardless of who initiates it, the end of a marriage can be difficult. A person who is contemplating a divorce may wish to obtain the advice and counsel of a family law attorney about some of the divorce legal issues that are likely to arise.