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September 2015 Archives

Financial issues to consider in a Texas divorce

A divorce is often a very emotional experience for the entire family. However, it's important to try to maintain a clear head through the process so that financial concerns can be addressed rationally. When divorcing spouses in Texas understand how property division will affect finances, they will be in a much better position to negotiate for a fair settlement.

Divorce and having a baby before marriage

According to a study by the Council on Contemporary Families, having a baby prior to marriage does not increase the odds of a couple getting a divorce. Researchers gathered data on women in Texas and around the country who had their first child between 1997 and 2010 and found that divorce rates were similar regardless of whether they got married first or had the child first. It is thought that the diminished stigma of having a child out of wedlock has led to this result.

Learning about child reunification therapy

In an effort to prevent what psychologists label parental alienation syndrome, family courts in Texas and other jurisdictions are now considering reunification therapy in child custody cases. In some cases, the children are reunified with one parent while in other cases both parents are involved. The setting and timetable for the reunification may also vary depending on the program.

Child custody agreements for children in school

When Texas residets get divorced or separate from their child's other parent, working out a child custody agreement can be difficult. People are often highly emotional during divorces or breakups, and unfortunately, they sometimes try to make custody decisions out of spite.

Discussing financial issues before a marriage helps transparency

As Texas couples know, finances make up a big part of married life. Some are are starting out, while others are already positioned in a career and might have been married previously. Despite age or status, it is wise for a couple to discuss finances before the marriage. Having a prenuptial agreement puts this discussion on paper.