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Month: November 2015

Texas alimony in divorce negotiations

When the topic of divorce comes up, many Texans wonder how alimony may be awarded and how that will affect their ongoing financial stability after the divorce. Alimony, or spousal support, is different than child support because it is paid directly to the former...

Age may affect ending a marriage

As Texas residents may know, divorce has become more common for couples over the age of 50 than it was previously. An article in the New York Times suggested that one reason is that people in this age group are frequently on their second marriage, and statistics show...

Financial infidelity can predict divorce

Many couples in Texas struggle with their finances. When spouses are not honest with each other about these problems, the result can often be divorce. According to a Kansas State University study, couples that argue over money early in their relationship are more...

Going through a divorce as a company owner

When Texas entrepreneurs are heading towards divorce, they may be worried that the divorce could negatively affect their business. In some cases, there are some valid causes for concern, especially if their spouse was involved in the startup of the business or played...