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The growing problem of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2015 | Firm News

Texas residents may be shocked to learn how serious the problem of domestic violence is in the United States. An individual somewhere in the country becomes the crime victim of an intimate partner every nine seconds or so, and the problem crosses all of the social, financial, religious and ethnic lines that segment modern society.

Advocates for victims of domestic violence claim that the issue is often underreported. They say that media reports printed and police statements made following a violent incident rarely mention the domestic disagreement or dispute that prompted the aggressive behavior.

Experts in the area say that lasting change cannot be achieved until members of the public stop holding the victims of domestic violence responsible for what has happened to them. People who remember their own regrettable behavior during a family quarrel are sometimes more sympathetic than they should be towards those who have committed violent acts against family members. Advocates also say that more notice should be taken of the warning signs of an abusive domestic situation as timely interventions can prevent a tragedies.

Experienced family law attorneys may understand how the victims of demotic abuse and violence may sometimes feel that their options are limited and they are trapped in a hopeless situation. While an attorney may not be able to order the arrest of an abusive partner, a protective order could be sought in order to prevent future contact. Violating such an order could potentially result in incarceration. Attorneys may also seek to deter aggrieved individuals from committing rash acts by pointing out that a record of violent behavior will likely make things far more difficult for them during child custody or visitation disputes.