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Being successful at co-parenting

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2016 | Firm News

When Texas parents go through a divorce, co-parenting arrangements are often included in orders related to the children. This type of arrangement implies a need to cooperate, which may seem difficult for individuals who have just ended their formal relationship. Although the issues leading up to divorce are often contentious, parents can approach their co-parenting plan with a positive point of view for the sake of their children.

Parents may be able to head off some co-parenting problems by dealing with their needs and concerns during child custody discussions. Setting boundaries with the other party can be important if one of the parents tends to be rude or inconsistent, and including these matters in a co-parenting plan can provide legal backing if a line is inappropriately crossed. An argumentative ex-spouse may try to cause problems at times by provoking arguments, but trouble can be headed off by not countering in like manner. Objectivity and a matter-of-fact approach to such situations can keep conversations on topic. Making solutions the goal can be helpful when accommodations are needed in scheduling or other matters.

Although their marriage has ended, divorced parents continue to share a common bond through their children. Adopting the view of that ex-spouse as a parenting partner can help in setting aside negative feelings to accomplish the best possible objectives on behalf of the children. This can also provide a peaceful platform that minimizes stress and negativity for the children.

In some cases, a co-parenting arrangement may need to be adjusted because of a parent’s change in schedule or location. If parents are able to agree to a new visitation and parenting plan, it may be possible to have their family law attorneys finalize an agreement and submitting it to the court for its approval.