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How to avoid the most common divorce mistakes

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Firm News

Some Texas residents who are thinking about divorce may feel hesitant about initiating one out of concern for its possible financial consequences. While there are indeed some mistakes to watch out for, it’s possible to avoid these and achieve a successful outcome with a little planning and forethought.

One of the most important mistakes people make during the divorce process is failing to give a complete accounting of their assets. Although many people are understandably concerned about losing assets during property division, an incomplete disclosure can open someone up to immense financial liability that could cause them to lose the entire asset by default. It’s often better to divulge the asset and develop a strong case for ownership instead.

For similar reasons, spouses involved in a divorce should seek to be aware of one another’s respective tax liabilities. It’s not uncommon for couples to have very different financial prospects, which is why it’s important to bear in mind the potential tax ramifications of those prospects. Furthermore, the law with respect to these matters can change substantially from one jurisdiction to another. Where a person lives can have a great influence on the outcome of procedures such as property division and alimony. It’s necessary to take jurisdiction into account when planning a divorce.

Since these matters can be of such importance for so many people, someone who may be thinking about getting a divorce may want to discuss the situation with an attorney beforehand. It might be necessary to thoroughly review one’s current circumstances in order to determine what the consequences of a divorce might be and how to mitigate whatever harm they might do.