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Wealthy Pakistani man attempts to leave ex-wife only $50

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2016 | Firm News

The ex-wife of a Pakistani man living in Texas is attempting to have state laws apply to the terms of her divorce. Her husband, who is reportedly worth $100 million, filed for divorce in their native Pakistan. He expects to end the marriage according to the terms of their marriage contract, which entitled his ex-wife to $50.

The woman’s lawyer said that the case, which will go before a Harris County judge, would hinge upon how due process within the Pakistani legal system compared to that required in the United States. The lawyer alleges that the ex-husband sent his wife back to Pakistani in 2013 under the pretense that her return home would improve his chances of gaining U.S. citizenship for her. After she got to Pakistan, he filed for divorce.

Her lawyer noted that the laws in Pakistan do not offer an ex-wife a chance to claim marital assets. A lawyer representing the ex-husband said that the matter should be left to the Pakistani courts. Depending on how the divorce is decided in Pakistan, the ex-wife might still gain a share of benefits from a ruling in the Texas court.

A person preparing for a divorce has many financial details to consider. A lawyer could evaluate the person’s assets and debts to see how a court might rule on a division of property. The person might also ask the lawyer to aid in negotiations with an ex-spouse prior to going to court. If the terms of how to divide property, retirement accounts and debts could be mutually agreed upon, then a court might not have to intervene and make those determinations.

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