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Divorced parents need to plan ahead for summer with kids

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Firm News

Summertime often brings new challenges for divorced Texas parents. School will be out, so their kids will have more free time. Vacations are a time for parent and child to build memories together. Custody arrangements may change if both parents want to take their kids on vacation during the break from school.

A good parenting plan worked out between parents who still communicate amicably with each other will make the divorce process and aftermath easier on their children. But a child custody arrangement that works well during the school year may not work as well in the summer months. Divorced parents should give each other advance notice if they want to take their kids somewhere on holiday. When the children become teenagers, parents may want to consider their wishes in any summer plans.

Non-custodial parents who pay child support won’t necessarily be let off the hook for these obligations for the extended periods of time a child may spend with them. Child support is a legal obligation. Conversely, custodial parents cannot prohibit visitation if support hasn’t been received unless a modification to the custody order is obtained.

Problems may arise when parents cannot agree on custody and visitation rights any time of the year, not just the summer months. Even the most agreeable parents can have misunderstandings and communication problems. If this happens, a parent may seek a child custody order modification. However, the process can often be lengthy, and a family law attorney may be able to help a parent over this rough spot by attempt to negotiate a satisfactory resolution.