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Cuoco and Sweeting are finally divorced

On Behalf of | May 18, 2016 | Firm News

Texans who are fans of Kelly Cuoco or Ryan Sweeting may be interested in learning that the couple’s divorce was finalized on May 6. The two was married for almost two years and engaged in nine months of settlement negotiations.

According to sources, Ms. Cuoco will pay Mr. Sweeting $165,000 in two installments. She also will pay his attorney fees up to $55,000 and a legal services bill he reportedly owes that is almost $10,000. She will not be ordered to pay any additional spousal support.

The star of “The Big Bang Theory” has been posting pictures of her with her current love interest. He is reportedly an equestrian. Sweeting, who is a tennis player, has listed his status as retired. Reports do not indicate whether any other property was divided in the divorce. The settlement appears to result in Cuoco paying Sweeting almost $250,000 in total, however.

Cuoco and Sweeting apparently had a prenuptial agreement as many Hollywood figures do. While their marriage was short-lived, other people who are planning to divorce may have significantly more complicated issues they have to address. When a couple has been married for a substantial length of time, they may have built up significant assets that are difficult to untangle in a property division. A family law attorney who is experienced with complex asset division may help a client determine the best manner in which the property and debts should be divided. Legal counsel may then work to negotiate and secure a settlement that protects the client’s financial interests.

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